Catherine Wheels

Steve has written music for two wonderful productions for the childrens’ theatre company Catherine Wheels. Their award-winning version of “Hansel and Gretel” (originally commissioned by National Theatre of Scotland under the title “Home”) was staged for four consecutive years , including runs at the Barbican in London, and the New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street in New York. Steve performed the music live with Joel Sanderson on cello (Robin Mason in the first NTS show), and also played the role of Hansel and Gretel’s useless father.

“Accompanied by superb live music throughout…” – Mark Brown, SUNDAY HERALD

Pre-recorded version of “Sweetie House Waltz” – the children are enticed towards the Witch’s cottage…


The show “A Town Called Elsewhere”, touring primary schools in East Lothian and beyond, featured only recorded music. This is a tune from the end of the show, where the residents of the towns of Somewhere and Elsewhere come together.

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