Click Clack rides again!

My club Click Clack is starting again after a two and a half year hiatus, at a new venue! I’ve put together a fantastic 8-piece band to pay tribute to recently departed, legendary saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, one of my all time heroes. We will be called The Master Planners. Plus guitar duo Gomboc, and songs and improv from Noah and the Chomskys. 

Cauld Blast Orchestra

The two Cauld Blast Orchestra albums, long out of print, are now available as digital downloads on Bandcamp. Both have previously unreleased bonus tracks – three tunes recorded for the abandoned third CD, and two for an unfinished compilation album on Eclectic Records. The latter includes a wonderful collaboration with the great Dundonian singer-songwriter Michael Marra, on his “The Homeless Do Not Seem to Drink in Here”.

Lockdown videos

I’ve been recording videos and posting them on my Facebook page every Thursday during lockdown. Very low-tech, using an effects pedal, loop station and my phone. Mainly my own stuff, but also covers of Beefheart, Soft Machine, Caravan and Ken Dodd!  They’re now up on YouTube – look up “Steve Kettley entertains at home”. Here’s #5 – my version of a Henry Cow tune.